What is Matterport?

Matterport is the name of the company that develops the camera and software used to create Virtual Tours.

Click the image on the right to see a finished Tour.

Matterport provides a link to the tour that can be used in online advertising.

Works great on Social Media sites.

How does the scanning process work?

Scanning an interior is like taking a single photo of the entire place very slowly. It takes about 1 hour per 1000 Sq Ft. 

A space should be set up exactly as you want it shown and needs to remain that way throughout the entire process.

The camera spins 360° and will capture every detail. Nothing can be edited out but unnecessary places can be closed off and labeled.

Movement and direct sunlight can will cause issues with the scan. Appointments are best during consistent weather and when the least amount of people will be around.

Outdoor spaces can be scanned but are shown as separate 360° photos detached from the main interior model.

What does it cost?

For Real Estate listings I charge based off the total square footage the house is listed for.

The first 2500 Sq. Ft. or less cost a flat $200

For properties larger than 2500 Sq. Ft. there is a 

$0.10 per remaining Sq. Ft.

Additional outdoor scans are $5 each.

Floor plans can be created through Matterport for an additional $15

If your location is not a Real Estate listing, costs can vary.

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